It is really good to resume the semester with a very good development. The long overdue Students’ Union elections have been held. I don’t knowabout others but the whole process has become quite a boring, passive and somewhat uninviting especially after it was postponed for the second time. Well, now that it has been conducted, we can now move around without being stopped by unknown faces, who ask for a second but end up spending minutes trying to convince us to vote for a particular candidate, we can now have a break from responding to greetings from strangers who ordinarily would never greet. The political flyers and posters that the university community somehow, have been riddled with would do little to interest us now. I can now expect that the knocks on my door are from people I know. Most importantly, our halls of residence will at least have some quiet and serene look now that the jingles blaring from loud speakers have stopped. K Cent and Ahh Speaker’s supporters will have no reason to come to Indy to test their “Aro” proficiency. It’s really good to see the end of the SU electioneering process for the session.
Joseph Stalin said “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do”. All thanks to the University management for acknowledging our request that the votes should be counted in halls of residence. With their act, they have made those who voted decide this election. As such, the election can be seen as free, fair and credible.
I would like to commend the courage exhibited by every candidate who came out to contest for the available offices in the union. We appreciate the fact that you dreamt of a better union and you put it on yourself, not on others to achieve that dream. We thank you for your efforts; you have played your part to ensuring we have a virile and vibrant Students’ union.

One of the paradoxes of life is that not everybody can win at the same time. In that vein, candidates who lost to their opponents should not see it as a loss. Rather, it should be taken in good fate. The whole process should be seen as the Olympics, which sole objective is not to win but to participate. No matter what the results are, your names have been written in gold in the sands of time.

To those that won, I can only congratulate you on your triumph. You have succeeded in convincing most students on this campus that you are the best choices we can possibly have this session. You have succeeded in earning the trust of Uites. You have indeed succeeded in making Uites share in your dream which for now is commendable.

However, it is not all celebration and congratulations for the newly elected union electives. The poor state of the union needs a good turnover. As it goes, they have been called on a duty they cannot possibly evade. They have made promises which they must fulfil. They have showed strength and character in the events leading to the final showdown; I suggest they continue showing these attributes that Uites saw in them as an advantage over others. They have managed to garner the trust and support of Uites, it would be pitiable to see them lose the trust as time goes on. The students of this great university can only hope they have entrusted the union in safe hands, it is their responsibility to show us that we have indeed made the right choice.

In the words of John Maxwell, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”. The newly elected executives have a lot to do to become the leaders we’ve always wanted; leaders who know the way, go the way and show the way. We understand that you have little time to work on your manifestoes and achieve them. We are not expecting a miracle but we do expect a good change in the union and as such, you should give us that. The Students’ union at present is not at a level we want but we would like to hope that with the new excos at the helm of affairs, a new union would come forth; one that us students will be proud to be a part of.
I would not like to tell the executives what to do or what activities or policies they should pay importance to; it is their call but I do hope they pay attention to the important ones that will bring a positive change to student’s welfare in the university. I hope the union will not continue to deteriorate on their watch and I can only hope that their actions will inspire the next generation of union leaders to do even better.
In conclusion, the elected executives have a lot to do and little time to do it to show us that our trusts have not been misplaced and that we indeed have voted the right men for the job. They have no choice but to heed the call of duty if truly they have the best interest of the union at heart.

*This article was written by Toheeb Lanlehin