Welcome to a brand new semester. Although, this is coming late, it is better late than never. We also wish to congratulate every candidate on their success and otherwise (for those that didn’t win). To the winners, now that you have won,IndyPress has a lot to discuss with you.
Firstly, you should be reminded that you have little time to spend in office. That is not an excuse for you should you have it in mind to perform below expectation or not perform at all. Now that you have won, you have to utilize effectively, every seconds you will be spending in office. The task will not be easy but you were not expecting your stay in office to be a jolly ride. Were you?

Now that you have won, critically examine the Redemption team to make your tenure better. One of the mistakes leaders make is not taking into consideration the activities of past leaders. If you fail to learn from the consequences of the actions and inactions of these set of people, you may be on the road to making a fool of yourselves.

Now that you have won, the SU building is not a family house or personal leisure place for executives. It belongs to every uite and must be treated as such. The comfort of having a whole office to you might be overwhelming and intoxicating at times but you must not betray your reasoning. People will be more interested in your actions and inactions now because of your various positions which is why you have to maintain the humility that you maintained during the electioneering process. In case you have been feigning humility to win our votes, keep feigning. You really need to be humble.
Now that you have won, every political rift should be forgotten. The only reason a candidate would not let go of political feuds is that he has no interest in a better union. After all, we are all uites. You should also have it in mind that the best gift Uites can get from you all now is a united union. Considering the circumstances that led to your victory, it will be very hard for you to unite the union. It is not impossible however.
IndyPress wishes you all a successful tenure.
God bless our union

•Amos Adejimi