It was a cold haunting silence
That made the wind and sound still,
Burnt at the altar of incense,
We pleaded for our last mealBut you hid well beneath the shadows
While we were pierced by hateful arrows.

The beast in man chased us down the street
And made us rue our births,
They lynched and roasted us like fried meat
And we fell to our deaths,
Our spirits took shelter elsewhere
For our charred skin now made them bare.

You watched on while we perished
In the hands of these insular butchers,
Their appetite was famished
And they fed on us with you on the bleachers,
He who suddenly keeps mute during such injustice
Shows he has no qualms with what the situation is.

The darkest human trait is
Not just the quick-trigger love for war or pestilence
The darkest human trait is
Intolerance for people who are of a difference.


•By Kanyinsola Olorunnisola