The ability to break rules seems to be one of our most obvious identities as Nigerians. Even when a sign is boldly placed that we must not do something, we stillgo ahead to do it. Being part of the Nigerian society, many students and even staff of University of Ibadan students are not free of breaking rules.

What I saw at the SUB Sports arena last week produced this episode. A car parked majestically in front of a NO PARKING ON THE PEDESTRIAN WALKWAY sign beside the Lawn Tennis Court. I could have ignored it and moved on but seeing another car parked at the other side of the road, I decided to take a picture of the scene. To start with, an intellectual or at least, someone that claims to be an intellectual parked the car there. One would wonder why “intellectuals” still break simple rules like not parking on a walk way in an intellectual community like UI. You may have lots of excuses to justify the action of whoever parked the cars there but they can never be valid enough. Perhaps, whoever parked those cars are not aware of the fact that they are obstructing free flow of traffic around SU environs through their actions. A walkway that should be used by pedestrians is now being shared by pedestrians and car owners/drivers or even used by the car owners alone.

Professor RemiRaji, the immediate past dean of the faculty of Arts made many important and necessary reformations in the Faculty of Arts before he completed his tenure, parts of these reformations are that people with no special needs should not walk on the wheelchair way and that students should not disturb ongoing classes with noise. Despite the fact some students were victims of reprimand last semester, many students still derive joy in making noise beside classrooms and also, walking on the wheelchair way. It is very good to have fun but it should not be by breaking of rules or at the expense of others.

I am still trying to figure out why a student will pour water from a location that he should not knowing that if he does, he will be reprimanded. We may justify this act probably because he/she is living on his block’s top floor but it still doesn’t worth it. What would you say if your water wets someone downstairs unexpectedly? Apologise? That may not work.

One implication of breaking rules that we are not aware of is that we may or will find it hard to adhere to simple rules of the larger society when the time for us to do so arises. If you cannot obey a simple rule like do not talk and or cheat in an examination, do you think you will be able to be clean and avoid cheating in a job examination?

Have you ever wondered why many people still fall victims of paying huge sum to traffic agencies all across Nigeria? It is simply the inability to obey rules. You cannot become a “customer” to any Road Safety official if you simply obey traffic rules. There are corrupt officials that will do whatever it takes to ensure that they extort you but if you are squeaky clean, you are likely not to become a victim.

Breaking rules might be sweet and fun but the consequences are not always pleasant. However, you may have a positive result if you break rules for positive reasons.

I remain your humble friend, Amos OluwatobiAdejimi.