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Oke Mary is our guest on Bold and Beautiful this week. She is a 300 level student of the department of English and Literary Studies, Faculty of Arts. Stand back and enjoy.

Tell us about your family background.

I’m from a family of 4.  I have a little brother who is twelve.  My dad is from Delta State and a lecturer.  My mum is from Edo State and a civil servant.

How was growing up like for you?

Growing up was so much fun.  I had lots of friends and then I was the Queen Bee kinda girl in primary and secondary school. Always into so many events.  I was always planning, organizing, helping out. I had understanding, supportive and appreciative parents.  I never lacked.  I learnt a lot of things.  Back then, i used to try to gather a group of kids and then pretend as if I was hosting a TV show, or acting or singing in church.  There was so much fun thing to do; I was never running out of activities.  I had one of the best childhoods.  I never could have asked for any better.

How would you rate these years you’ve spent in UI


As an English and literay studies major, what career opportunities are open to you?

The career opportunities open to me as an English and Literary studies major is very wide.  I can be a teacher, I can be an editor or editorial manger for a print or online media, I can be a lecturer-that is if i have a PhD, I can be a lexicographer, I can be a journalist, I can be a writer or an author, I can be a librarian, I can be a marketing executive in business organizations, I can be a copywriter in advertising or PR agencies, I can be a records manager and a host of others. There are so many interesting careers.

I’m sure you have hobbies, what are they?

I like dancing, singing, reading novels, playing games, pressing my phone (if it counts), learning new things and trying them out and designing (top secret)


What’s the craziest thing(s) you’ve ever done?

I don’t have a particular crazy thing. I take a lot of risks and I’ve done so many crazy things.

Pray, tell some of these crazy things?

Erhh, no.  I would rather not tell.

Asides academics, what else are you into?

A little bit of modeling, a little bit of acting. Entertainment generally

Let’s take modeling. What kind of modeling do you do?

Runway and commercial modeling.

What do you think about nude modeling?

I’m indifferent about it.  I believe it’s one’s personal choice. A woman’s body is beautiful, a work of art, if she chooses to exhibit it, it’s alright.  But i don’t believe one should be judged because she takes naked picture of herself.  It’s nobody’s business.

Would you ever consider it if the opportunity presents itself?

Yes. I have a very beautiful body and I’m not afraid of it and before setting out to be a model, I knew there was gonna be some things I would just have to accept and get used to.

People sometimes see models as objects of sexual gratification, what do you think about that?

A female’s body actually entices a lot of thoughts but when you allow these thoughts go wild…. Models are not and should never be thought of as objects of sexual gratification.  They are beautiful works of arts.

So are your parents supportive of you being a model?

My dad is saying a big NO to it but my mum is okay with it. I believe one day my dad will come to terms with it.

Do you think it has to do with the fact that he is an academic?

Yes, I think so

Away from modeling, what interesting part do you have that people might not know?

I’m a very caring person. Most times, you might not know but I deeply care about people.  Especially people I like.

Guys out there would want to know if you’re in a relationship

Yes, I’m in a relationship.

Which would you prefer; one-night stands or FWB relationships?

One night stands.  Save yourself the continuous stress.  Get it over with.

 Do you think you are beautiful?

I know I am beautiful. I have a very high self-esteem.

What is your take on virginity?

Virginity.  Urhm! It’s a personal choice. I’m a new-era kinda girl, don’t blame me.


And… Are you one?

Am I one?  I would rather not answer that. I would keep you on suspense and if you’re gonna judge, go ahead, be my guest.

What do you think about Kantagites

Kantagites.  They are very friendly and lively people.  There is never a dull moment with a kantagite.  They are great people, though not all, there are some spoilt eggs amongst them but most of them are awesome people.

If you’d date someone from UI, which hall would he be from?

I can’t date someone from UI.  Ever again.  I’m not saying I’ve not oh. But urhm, let me flow along… If I’m to date from any hall, I would choose Bello.  They have a combination of all the halls.


How would you describe your friends

I have few friends.  Fine, I’m around lots of people most times and I talk to lots of people but I have just few friends. My friends are understanding, supportive, hardworking, beautiful people. I mean, sometimes, I just sit and wonder, how do they really cope with all my craziness? My friends are just the best; I would do anything for them.  In fact, they are more like family.

What are your plans after school?

Plans after school…  I plan to further my modeling career. I plan to be an OAP or a VJ. I have lots of things to do… New ideas to explore.

Philosophy about life?

My philosophy about life is that what goes around comes around.

Thank you for coming on Bold and Beautiful

No problem.


This interview was conducted by Toheeb Lanlehin