Men have crawled into me in search of a home

But all I can give is the restlessness of guilt

For inside of me, ghouls of darkness roam

I am the moon with which bad nights are built.

Why do you wear gloom on your soul like this?

Shattering every shred of your inner peace?

They have toured my body in the name of love

And left memories of forced romance and disdain

Pretend not to know what demons I dream of

Speak not as though you feel the heat of my pain.

True, but enslave yourself not to bitter yesterdays

For sweet hope, before your tear-clouded eyes, lays.

When Mother said, “Tell us where they touched you”

I raised my teenage skirt in the cold meekness of shame

But I wanted to show her my battered soul too

As the colour of my grief nears no known name.

Only weak spirits wither away in sight of sorrow

Your strength lies in the hands of a waiting tomorrow.

Living comes at too much of a price

I am in need of a divine song of fire

Agatha says the world beyond is paradise

Let my transition be greeted with drums and lyre.

They might have defiled your holy temple

But listen, in you, the heavens still mumble.