The fire brigade approach to solving problems by the University of Ibadan validates to a large extent, the fact that it is a community within Nigeria. It is a tradition in Nigeria that problems must not be attended to until they cause damages or create to us more problems. The poor state of many roads in UI and the damages these roads might cause if not repaired on time are the reason for this week’s edition of Chronicles of Consciousness. Before you read further, it is advised that this piece is read with extreme objectiveness. Should any reader find the need to be subjective, it should be noted also that this piece is not in anyway, an attempt to ridicule the management. It is rather, a product of love for a safe, healthy, beautiful society and the writer’s love for the university.


The sight of the mess at the intersection that links Barth Road with Tech Road will leave on you two feelings; feelings of pity and anger. Pity that the road is being damaged daily by the vast flood of sewage water from the gutter in front of Abdulsalam Abubakar Hall that flows over it and anger because nothing has been done to fix the road. On many days, the flood flows over Barth Road and extends to the road that leads to Obafemi Awolowo Hall. The flood does not only disfigure the road robbing it of its beauty, it smells at times giving you every reason to cover your nose. Constant floods on roads as we should know rob roads of their beauty and also leaves pot holes on them. A close look at this portion of Barth Road at the end of Tech road will make one realise that water remains in some parts of the road and will dig pot holes on the road in no time if no action is taken to stop the water from flowing over the road.

Also, many drivers and motorcycle riders who are either ignorant of the state of the road or are just eager to get to their destinations no matter what it takes drive on the road without considering pedestrians. Many times, people’s clothes get wet and stained from splashes of dirty water when cars drive by. The case is even worse when rain falls. The road might still seem manageable now because no accident has been recorded but we should not wait until accidents happen before we take actions. If this road is not repaired in time, the university will spend more money repairing it when the damage becomes bigger.


AMOS 3.jpg

There seems to be little to do on this road but there is a lot. The portion of the road beside Bello Hall creates on rainy days, floods of water that run over the road leaving stench of sewage water at times. The gutter on the Bello Hall side of the road has been blocked making floods to flow on the road instead of the gutter and nothing has been done about it.



There is no sign that depicts the name of this road and the road is identified as foot path on UI Road Network. Everyone that plies this road might not know its name but he will know one thing for sure, this road is bad. The UI Bakery/Jaja Avenue portion of the road is so bad that any impatient driver that tries to plié the road will either be the next patient at Jaja Clinic emergency room or lose some parts of his car to the hole at the UI Bakery/Jaja end of the road. There are currently some concrete slabs in the deep hole to prevent car tires from falling in but these slabs can do just little. Any pedestrian that walks on the road for the first time without a flash light is likely to pay Jaja visit in no time because he might fall into the hole.

Walking down the road, the poor state of the road becomes more evident. My power of description might fail me if I try further to describe the sight so I will let pictures do the talking. Some of the trees beside the road have also overgrown that many motorcycle riders will have to bend whenever they use the road or avoid the over grown branches.

The maintenance of roads is as important as the maintenance of roofs and toilets. No excuse will ever justify the act of not repairing these roads if they cause accidents or become worse than they are now. It is very important that the school management, through the Department of Works and Maintenance take urgent steps to ensure that these roads are fixed in time. The cost of fixing the roads might be expensive or time taking obviously but no money or time is wasted if invested in the wellbeing and development of mankind.

This article was penned by Amos Adejimi