“A nation without the means of reform is without the means of survival” – Edmund Burke

For the sake of alacrity in clarity and removal of obscurity in passivity to annihilate mediocrity, I need to rephrase: a stagnant retrogressing union without the means of amenability and sanity is without its means of possibility and progressivity.



Today 23rd April 2017. It is not uncalled for to see the about-to-be erstwhile president of the Students’ Union running again for second term of the presidency of the Students’ Union. This is in lieu of and apropos to the facticity that the young man from Bello hall still has tonnes of plans promulgated and decreed but yet to be executed. Many a promise made during campaigns, press night, manifesto night etc have not even seen their costs counted not to talk plans to begin execution.



“We need legal backing, Femi Falana and Tunde Bakare would be part of our administration…we would tap to these” were the boisterously shallow promise of Niffy.

Where was Femi Falana(SAN) when Tunji Ekpeti Mote was suspended and we uites subjected to 7 weeks of academic stagnancy aided and imposed on us by our stagnantly skulled and asinine #free mote imperial masters who had the meek logical reasoning evolving in their membrane take a long and costly sabbatical as they shout, cry and drum baseless ALUTA when common sense and logical procedures could have achieved the never achieved ends. No SDC case has been won in this administration thus far with the president and some other members of the executive themselves prisoners to the SDC, deservingly.

Where are the appointed legal advisers to President Ojo Oluwanifemi, the duo of Falana and Bakare, when more and more SDC cases, summons, and sentences were jolting Uites out of the blue, truncating the academic life of some and beating the drum of “game over, start all over again”

Where are those ordained and deaconed to give us legal backing when the nightingale sings oppression, when the whale flips and wasps suppression and when the women of owu sing dirges of unjustified injustice melted out to comrades. What are they doing when the president himself is soaked in his own sweat at the thoughts of a potential extra year. Who will shut the mouth of the unfortunate Owu women who mournfully draw a synergy between the demise of their culture and demise of radical intellect and diligence in us, the mocking songs at our misfortune worse than their misfortunate incident years ago. They are dead and cant talk but we live with our mouth meant to be gagged and clamped in manacles, never to be heard anymore.

Whose fault? – our votes and the results they yield.



When asked of his major objective,he said he wanted to make *”the student union building some sort of a commercial hub”,*,,he believed the first semester was a “preparation phase” but changes would start to be seen in the 2nd semester and according to him,a program(aside the 4Ps)was underway “to make wireless telephone calls for free when you go to SUB”…

The phone call is just to call within the SUB.

He said it’s a process they’ve been working on for long to be experimented in SUB before being introduced to the university at large.

He promised students will be able to go to the SUB to make free wireless phonecalls on campus from Monday 29th, August 2016.

Now, today, I wonder how many Uites have benefited from the programme or still benefiting. That is if the programme was actually effectively implemented for use at all not to talk of continuous use. An anonymous prolific profile said “I didn’t notice any development of such sir”. If he (they) doesn’t (don’t), who does?

Perhaps, the ’29th’ is April 2017 and not August 2016… Let’s be hopeful!



That fateful night, I was right beside Anthonia Chikwe playing lovey dovey while Mr Nifemi was engaged in his rap session of promises.

The imperative competition of the Students’ Union Building events center with Trenchard hall, the botched dream of Mr president drew out an eerily laughter and a sigh of “hmmmmm” from the duo of us and concerned Uites listening abroad.

Today, fast forward, the event centre is no longer the same way he met it as it depreciates retrogressingly in value and lifespan with each passing day.



Still on that fateful evening, Nifemi promised to look into the complaints of the caller who complained bitterly of the derogatory state of the kitchenettes in female hostels. It was obvious it was never in his plan to begin with but he did promised to renovate the kitchenettes, saying guys don’t need it.

However, it is saddening he could not even look into the situation. No committee was setup. No enquiries made. He dropped the promise in the promise box before exiting Diamond FM. How ironical is it that these same female halls(3) voted him to power based on his “photoshoot-looks” as he won in all 3.

“Well, the outgoing administration has done nothing to improve the welfare of kitchenettes in the hall”,

Then she went on to discuss the plumbing issue which includes the total blockage of sinks and raise the dilemma of Idiates who couldnt wash in the balcony whereas the kitchen sinks are not functional. The University Lodging Bureau has done nothing so far and the union too apathetical to their plight with their irrational display of insensitivity leaving the feminine hall executives to find their way out. – a consciously concerned Idiate

“the union has not made any move whatsoever to make enquiries about the state of the kitchenettes or to come around to check the state of things.”

Another student of Awo hall said “i don’t know of other halls ooo but that of Awo is very bad,horrible. Most of the sinks are like waste bin self”.

It seems only Queens hall babes are queens when it comes to kitchenettes with the complainant there saying they only do have sink blockage randomly.



The outgoing president declared that the welfare of Uites with special needs are included in his plans when quizzed by a student living with disability during the press night organised last year by Union of Campus Journalists in conjunction with the Students’ Union Electoral Commission before the election and he reiterated his desire to ensure adequate welfarism for the special students with special needs. He was reminded again after election and he renewed his promise as you would before Ogun when you seek vengeance.

However, according to the president of the department they are still faced with problems academically

Physically ( access to  buildings and other things) and Emotionally.

Academically, he lamented that learning style is not that good i.e person with visual impairment  who can’t see are also forced to buy GES textbooks which are not useful for them .

Rather, GSP should have look for a way to transcribe to Braille

The buildings are not accessible for instance persons on wheel chair or with crutches can’t access some building themselves as there were no ramps in some buildings.

Also deprivation of equal opportunities especially education wise, participation in politics. He complained of the deep and intense discrimination they are subjected too.

Just as would have guessed right if asked the arm of the union that would have helped this people out, he said the SRC has been helpful so far by making and implementing laws that would increase the participation of students with special need. Currently, he furthered, a bill is ongoing to cater for persons with special needs.

So proud of the UI SU’ SRC 6TH ASSEMBLY.



In 1295, the Venetian trader, Marco Polo returned from Cypangu in China with stories and yields of wealth. However, our very own solitary Marco Polo voyaged on an enterprising mission to yield a return to the tune of #4.5m but encountered accident on the way due to the uncivilised act of dealing with officially critical issues in the utmost uncultured manner of relegating to the bench, due process and it returned back home the same way it travelled, if not more damaged.

Tuesday, 8:23 – August 23, 2016. Nifemi was invited on air to welcome Uites back from the 7weeks strike

“…we need to get new engines into it(SU Toyota Hiace bus),as it is rickety already…refurbish the current one and perhaps get a new bus too…” still echoes in my ear as a reminder to the genius in Nifemi vibrating vibrantly on air with Anthonia Chikwe.

The aftermath: the Hiace bus was dutifully put into use, but ‘new ones’ yet unborn and the marco polo bus our Students’ Union body possess as asset is the perfect lexical, precisive and contextual description of liability. How and why our own Marco polo could not replicate the same success story of Venetian Marco polo lies at the feet of our dear Mr President.


“low quality of bread…UI water has taste, anybody that monopolize would definitely extort… We would fight that.”

What i eat in my hostel cafeteria was supposed to be a concern of his, barring in mind this. But it seems the emergence of Ojo Oluwanifemi has done little or nothing to abate the blinking low quality and quantity of food sold, the unrefined state and “mama put” like beauty, cleanliness which is next to godliness. How can he even effect a change here where the past administration of the hall did little or nothing about it either.

The low quality of bread??? Many a Katangite and her counterpart in Zik hall still prefer to UI’s bread, the Agbowo bread solid and tastes good, unlike the UI bread which my friend tagged “press am well well…” There is little or less improvement in the quality or bread produced.

“UI water has taste” is no longer fresh in the wagging tongues of stale Uites, but stale to the extent it is a common memory verse. What the union has done so far on it still remains to be seen as my fresh roommate when quizzed on the taste of UI water just blanked and talk, “i’m not used to taking UI water anymore. The hall water is okay”. The tasty juice packaged inside sachet and sold for #10, has now become unpopular even among some freshmen.

No visible struggle seen not to say the empty threat of “…we would fight them” gnawed by the presidency of the Union.



I debated on the best topic for this but still undecided as *April 22 congress call: indicting masterpiece to herald in another mediocre performance* seems to suit me more.

I was in my room when I read the broadcast calling for a congress. I wasn’t surprised a congress was called but was alarmed at the brilliant timing.

The date deemed fit for a congress was to be the weekend that ushers in the 10th week of the academic calendar and a week to the election deciding the new rats that will frolic the SU’ building for the next one year.

Where has Mr President been and what has he been doing all the while? The issues at the congress were the same issues that necessitated the botched congress of December, 2017. But Nifemi couldnt pull a congress then. When quizzed, he was quoted saying Uites will protest and strike will ensue if a congress is called.

But I will say, “you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time.”



“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is” – Winston Churchill.

Needless to go back and start itemising again, the genies, mediums, restless spirits, beasts, birds all will join me in declaring that the short term occupant and landlord of the Kunle Adepeju Building has not done well enough and has fallen too far below expectations.

I believe and reiterate that indulgence of past leaders and the lack of a telling scape goat is telling on the leadership of our present union. On a nostalgic tour to the archives of knowledge, i discovered alarmingly that presidency of the union is yet to find its owner, the capable man who can proudly sit on the seat of power: The 3rd assembly were not courageous enough to impeach Babatunde Badmus(2013/2014 SU president) after his gross diaplay of excellent incapabilities, the 4th assembly went back on the impeachment of the controversial Hunter Sola(2014/2015 SU president) who deceived the union and was alleged to have collected “#500,000 largesse twice from the clueless Gov. Ajimobi in a manner devoid of any civilized practice” and Mr Ojo Oluwanifemi couldn’t consolidate on Aliyu Olateju(2015/2016 SU president) aka Ahh Speaker’s administration and raise the status quo…

It is safe to say Mr Nifemi was only unlucky to escape the wrath of the effervescent 6th assembly by getting suspended for months, he could or should have been impeached but save for the merciful honourables. Probably a deterrent to others is the much needed panacea to the problem of our union or a new dimensional proposal forthcoming once the curtain of exams is drawn.

On the other hand, as an advocate for my client Ojo Oluwanifemi, I believe he has plans for the union, plans that will raise the standard of unionism to its peak. He wasn’t given enough time which is all he needs. He is the right and best man for the job, and so with leniency and a forthright insight deprived of sentiment, I propose he be allowed to lead the union for a further 1 YEAR to actualise his plans for our beloved union.

I rest my case!