In the spirit of our upcoming magazine, The Searchlight, we at Indy Press have decided to gift our audience with a special publication this week. Being our first-ever themed edition, each of the articles on this board as you read ties into an overall idea. The Editor-in-Chief tasked our journalists with submitting works, each with their own interpretation of the word “Speak”. This has led to a diverse body of work which basks simultaneously in its uniqueness and cohesiveness.

We begin with an editorial which discusses the state of affairs in the hall, things people ignore for too long. Then, we move to a poem about speech and accents. The following column touches upon the supposedly-taboo topic of the Students’ Union and the speaking prowess of Tyrion Lannister, that beloved Game of Thrones character. Following is a story on celebrated public speaker, Temijuopelo Alufa and a conversational meditation on the Book of Life. The Vox Populi and the article about accommodation fees both stress the need to speak about urgent truths we often shy away from. The other half of the board begins with a write-up on spoken-word poetry and another about cultural confusion. We then move to a frank discussion on politics and the unspoken shenanigans underlining it. Following is a loose interpretation bordering on anger and verbal expression of emotion and an opinion on the sound of the Nigerian music space. We begin this issue this week with a focus on the hall’s health situation.