The Social and Buttery Commissioner, Mr. Darlington Ugochukwu has been impeached by the Legislative Council, following the sitting which held on Thursday, the 19th of October, 2017.

The sitting, which began at 10am, held primarily to discuss the audit report presented by the Chairman of the Committee, Honourable Idowu Hammed. Having been found guilty on six levels of documented allegations, the motion for his impeachment was moved by Honourable Oloyede. He is to return a sum of N33,150 being the amount of the budget not properly accounted for. The allegations posed against him were: mismanagement of funds, withholding the sum of N2,000 paid by a Katanga congressman for T-shirt, submitting a fake report to the House, denying a congressman entry into the Junior Common Room, non-payment of hall dues and having a scuffle with a member of the legislative council.

Interestingly, the Administrator-General refused to give a comment on this.